Donate to the Archives of American Art

Only 35% of our funding comes from the federal government. We rely on foundations and individual donors like you for the remainder. Please consider a donation and help us ensure that significant records and untold stories documenting the history of American art are collected, preserved, and shared with the world.

For more information about any of these donation methods, please contact us at 202-633-7989 or

Wire Transfer

If you are planning a donation via wire transfer, please let us know of your intent and we will send you the necessary banking information. 

Securities and Mutual Funds

Securities and mutual funds that have increased in value and been held for more than one year are popular assets to use when making a gift to the Archives of American Art. Making a gift of securities or mutual funds to us offers you the chance to support our work while realizing important benefits for yourself.

When you donate appreciated securities or mutual funds you have held more than one year to us in support of our mission, you can reduce or even eliminate federal capital gains taxes on the transfer. You may also be entitled to a federal income tax charitable deduction based on the fair market value of the securities at the time of the transfer.

Matching and Endowed Gifts

An endowment gift creates a permanent legacy for you, allows you to honor a family member or loved one, and provides a steady stream of funds to sustain the Archives of American Art well into the future.

Interested in Planned Giving?

Visit our Planned Giving page