May 1 to June 30, 2016 Collections Acquired

By Liza Kirwin
July 1, 2016
  • Ben Buchanan photographs of artists, circa 1985-2015
    Collection size: 12 items
    Collection Summary: Nine black and white photographs of artists taken by Ben Buchanan at Jean-Michel Basquiat's birthday party at Mr. Chow Restaurant, Manhattan, New York and at Area nightclub, Manhattan, New York, 1985, and three color photographs taken by Buchanan in 2015 of a model dressed in the guestbook from the party (a signed body leotard originally worn by performer Bernard Zette portraying The Human Guestbook during the event).
    Biographical/Historical Note: Ben Buchanan is a photographer in New York, New York and London England. Buchanan was the staff photographer for Area and photographed many artists' events.
    Donated 2016 by Ben Buchanan.
  • Lia Cook papers, circa 1970-2000
    Collection size: 6.5 linear feet
    Collection Summary: Biographical material; correspondence; research, sales, subject, and exhibition files; artists' files, works of art, and printed material.
    Biographical/Historical Note: Lia Cook (b. 1942) is a textile artist and painter in Berkeley, California.
    Donated 2016 by Lia Cook.
  • Alvord Eiseman research on Charles Demuth, circa 1880-2000
    Collection size: 15.0 linear feet
    Collection Summary: Alvord Eiseman research on Charles Demuth in preparation for a Demuth Catalog Raisonné that was never completed.  Included are project files, card catalog sets, photographs of Demuth's work and correspondence regarding his works, newspaper clippings, and miscellaneous.  Also included is Eiseman's dissertation, "A Study of the Development of an Artist: Charles Demuth," New York University, 1974.
    Biographical/Historical Note: Alvord Eiseman (1916-1991) was an art historian and specialist on painter Charles Demuth (1883-1935).
    Donated 2016 by Greta Meilman, a friend of Alvord Eiseman's.  Meilman received the collection at the time of Eiseman's death.
  • Jimmy Hedges papers and Rising Fawn Folk Art Gallery records, circa 1980-2014
    Collection size: 34.6 linear feet
    Collection Summary: Records kept by Jimmy Hedges regarding his involvement with Outsider Art and the Rising Fawn Folk Art Gallery. Included are administrative files from the gallery, Outsider Art exhibitions, fairs and collectors; artists' files kept by Hedges; photographs of artists at work and with Hedges; printed material consisting of exhibition announcements for the gallery and magazines and auction catalogs; and audio visual and born digital media in a variety of formats relating to exhibitions, programs, and works of art.
    Biographical/Historical Note: Jimmy Hedges (1942-2014) was an artist, art collector and dealer of Outsider Art and Folk art in Tennessee and Georgia. Hedges established the Rising Fawn Folk Art Gallery, Lookout Mountain, Tennessee.
    Donated 2016 by James R. Hedges IV, son of Jimmy Hedges.
  • Moritz and Sophie Jagendorf letters, 1917-1967
    Collection size: 0.2 linear feet
    Collection Summary: Letters to Moritz and Sophie Jagendorf from artists including approximately 85 letters from Stanton MacDonald-Wright, two letters from Willard Wright (Stanton MacDonald-Wright's brother), one letter each from Thomas Hart Benton, Joseph Stella, Pete Seeger, and Ralph Steel Boggs, and two letters from Walter Starkie. Also included are photocopies of several letters from William and Marguerite Zorach and their daughter Dahlov Ipcar. The letters concern exhibitions, museums, galleries, works of art, and other artists.
    Biographical/Historical Note: Moritz Jagendorf (1888-1981) was a dentist who treated artists in New York, New York. Clients included Joseph Stella, Stanton MacDonald-Wright, William and Marguerite Zorach, Thomas Hart Benton, among others. Jagendorf became friendly with the artists and bought their artwork or received it in lieu of dental bills.
    Donated 2016 by Andre Jagendorf, Moritz and Sophie Jagendorf's son.
  • Norma Minkowitz papers, 1959-2015
    Collection size:  2.1 linear ft.
    Collection Summary:  Papers, 1959-2015, including correspondence with galleries and museums;  catalogs and announcements, exhibition reviews, and other printed material; photographs of Minkowitz at exhibition openings and other social events, family photographs, and photographs of works of art; five small samples of sculptural weaving by Minkowitz with an unknown fiber type; and miscellany.
    Biographical/Historical Note: Norma Minkowitz (b.1937) is a fiber artist in Westport, Conn.
    Donated 2016 by Norma Minkowitz. 
  • Nan Rosenthal papers, circa 1960-2014
    Collection size: 34.0 linear feet
    Collection Summary: Letters, teaching files, artists' files, audiovisual material and born digital material documenting the personal and professional life of Nan Rosenthal. Letters, many illustrated, are personal and from Rosenthal's husband artist Otto Piene. Teaching files include courses taught at Princeton, New York University and University of California, Santa Cruz and consist of syllabi and lectures. Artists' files include correspondence, notes and writings about artists that Rosenthal researched. Audiovisual material includes audio cassette tapes of interviews with artists, DVDs and VHS tapes consist of programs about artists. Born digital material includes CDs and floppy discs of research by Rosenthal.
    Biographical/Historical Note: Nan Rosenthal (1937-2014) was an art historian and consultant in New York, New York, who specialized 19th century, modern and contemporary art.
    Donated 2016 by the Nan Rosenthal and Henry B. Cortesi Estate via Katherine C. Armstrong, executor.
  • Bernard Rost papers regarding Letterio Calapai, 1950-1992
    Collection size: 0.2 linear feet
    Collection Summary: Letters, notes, a subject file, photographs, and printed material collected by Bernard Rost regarding realist painter and printmaker Letterio Calapai. Letters are to Rost from Calapai and his wife Jean. Writings include Rost's notes from a visit with Calapai on June 13, 1989. A subject file consists of material concerning The Workshop Gallery of Letterio Calapai. Slides and photographs are of Calapai, his family, and works of art. Printed material includes catalogs and newspaper clippings about Calapai.
    Biographical/Historical Note: Bernard Rost was a collector of Letterio Calapai's works of art.
    Donated 2016 by the Bernard Post Estate via Keith Bringe, executor.
  • George Sorrels letters to Peter Traugott, 1992-2013
    Collection size: 11 items
    Collection Summary: 11 letters and postcards from George Sorrels to friend and colleague, Peter Traugott. The letters are personal in nature and describe daily activities and events.
    Biographical/Historical Note: Peter Traugott is the chairman of the fine arts department at Kutztown University, Kutztown, Pennsylvania. Traugott and Sorrels worked together at Kutztown University.
    Donated 2016 by Peter Traugott.
  • Robin Tewes papers, 1970-2013
    Collection size: 7.3 linear feet
    Collection Summary: Administrative files, correspondence, writings, photographs, works of art, teaching material and printed material relating to the career of painter and educator Robin Tewes.
    Biographical/Historical Note: Robin Tewes is a painter and educator in New York, New York. Tewes teaches at the School of Visual Arts, New York, New York and is a member of the Guerilla Girls organization.
    Donated 2016 by Robin Tewes.
  • Harold Percy Ullman's papers relating to Galka Scheyer, 1942-1972
    Collection size: 6 items
    Collection Summary: Correspondence and writings compiled by Edwin Ullman relating to collector and dealer Galka Scheyer. Correspondence includes three letters between Galka Scheyer and Harold Percy Ullman regarding the sale of art work. Also included is a facsimile of a letter to Scheyer from Lyonel Feininger ("Papileo"). Writings include notes for a lecture about Scheyer given by archivist Lette Valeska at the Pasadena Art Museum, 1964 and a typescript draft of reminiscences of Scheyer, written by Jane Ullman, Ullman's wife, 1972, at the request of Robert Haas, University of California, Los Angeles.
    Biographical/Historical Note: Harold Percy Ullman, Edwin Ullman's father, was executor of Galka Scheyer's estate.
    Donated 2016 by Edwin Ullman, Harold Percy Ullman's son. arold Percy Ullman papers regarding  Galka Scheyer