Archives of American Art Journal: Spring 2019, Volume 58, Number 1

Cover of Spring 2019 journal

The spring 2019 issue of the Archives of American Art Journal (volume 58, no. 1) features research articles concerning African American modernist painting and politics, the social practice of gift-giving in the art world of the 1960s, and the economics of nineteenth-century art. Two shorter essays apply inventive methodological questions to American aestheticism. The first considers what the diary of Abbott Handerson Thayer’s physician-father might say (or not say) about medical themes in Thayer’s paintings, and the second focuses on letters to John Singer Sargent in the Archives’ collection, taking up the scholarly challenge of only having access to one side of an exchange.

Karen Maynor, Photograph of Andy Warhol writing a note on vacuum cleaner at “Art in Process V” exhibition, 1972.
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