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The spring 2017 issue of the Archives of American Art Journal (vol. 56, no. 1) focuses on creative responses to debates about national identity in the nineteenth and twentieth century, providing historical context for current efforts to redefine Americanness. With this issue we also introduce readers to our bold new graphic design.   

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Cover of fall 2018 journal

Archives of American Art Journal: Fall 2018, Volume 57, Number 2

The fall 2018 issue of the Archives of American Art Journal (vol. 57, no. 2) is a special issue devoted to Latino art.  It acknowledges the value of Latino history and cultural production to the study of American art and aims to stimulate more research on Latino art and its archives.  The issue also features a scholarly conversation that engages with Alexander Nemerov's recent journal article "Art Is Not the Archive" (fall 2017). 

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A list of externally produced books utilizing materials found within the Archives of American Art.