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Front cover of Fall 2021 issue of the Archives of American Art Journal

Archives of American Art Journal: Fall 2021, Volume 60, Number 2

The Fall 2021 issue of the Archives of American Art Journal (vol. 60, no. 2) asks: How might publishing histories of the visual arts in the US built upon primary sources effect change in a society defined and divided by race? New research in the issue offers ways into this question by addressing topics as disparate as an elite nineteenth-century circle of white male writers and painters, a collective of Black artists founded in the tumultuous year of 1968, and the feminist iconography of a Cuban American artist. The issue also offers a curatorial intervention that considers what researchers can do when they encounter seemingly indecipherable sources, as well as an insightful analysis of the enduring genre of the artist talk. 

Publications Using Material from the Archives of American Art

A list of externally produced books utilizing materials found within the Archives of American Art.