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Oral History Program Style Guide: Section 1: Format of Interview Transcript

  • Font: 12 point, Times New Roman.
  • One-inch margins on both sides.
  • Left justified. No indentations for speakers.
  • No curly quotes. Please turn off "smart quotes" in your word processing program.
  • Page numbers, bottom center. No number on cover page or on preface page.
  • Speakers' full names in all caps, followed by colon and two spaces
  • Use the serial comma: x, y, and z. (See also Comma section.)
  • Use brackets, not parentheses, for added material. (See Brackets and Ellipses section.)
  • For changes in tape or disc:
    • This is disc number three. (within the text)
    • [END OF TRACK full track name.] – Transcribers, please note that the tracks are named correctly. Please include the full track name, Example: [END OF TRACK AAA_almara86_532.]
    • [END OF INTERVIEW.] – At the end of an interview there will be an [END OF TRACK.] and an [END OF INTERVIEW.] in separate instances.
  • For test tracks or blank tracks:
    • [Track <insert full name of track> is blank.]
    • [Track <insert full name of track> is a test track.]