• Font: 12 point, Times New Roman.
  • One-inch margins on both sides.
  • Left justified. No indentations for speakers.
  • No curly quotes. Please turn off "smart quotes" in your word processing program.
  • Page numbers, bottom center. No number on cover page or on preface page.
  • Speakers' full names in all caps, followed by colon and two spaces
  • Use the serial comma: x, y, and z. (See also Comma section.)
  • Use brackets, not parentheses, for added material. (See Brackets and Ellipses section.)

This Style Guide contains our preferred styling for frequently encountered issues in our oral history transcripts and is not a comprehensive manual. We edit lightly and base changes from received transcriptions mainly on the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition.

The Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art and the Terra Foundation for American Art today announced the launch of a new online guide to American art-related archival collections in the Chicago area. A $413,000 grant from the Chicago-based Terra Foundation supported a comprehensive survey of art-related archives in more than 75 Chicago-area institutions. This new resource has been published on an interactive platform on the Archives’ newly redesigned website.