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Walter Pach papers, 1857-1980

Contents and Arrangement

The Walter Pach papers are arranged as ten series.

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Series 1: Biographical Material, 1884-circa 1950s
9 folders
Box 1, 9

This series includes a copy of Pach's birth certificate, high school and college graduation programs, Pach's 1948 passport, and association and club certificates and membership cards. A leather satchel containing passports for Walter Pach (1929) and Magda Pach (1937) in addition to documents relating to Magda Pach's family and her education at Hunter College, can also be found here. A leather wallet includes identification cards and photographs of Magda and her father, Auguste Frohberg.
Fragments from a 1925 day book include names and addresses and a handwritten autobiographical sketch. A 1938 day book also contains names and addresses.
Additional records relating to the Pach family include Magda Pach's certificate of attendance at the New York University Department of Fine Arts summer school in 1926, an obituary, and a funeral guest book for Magda Pach; death notices for Gotthelf Pach; and a birth certificate receipt and a military intelligence training center course certificate (1944) for Raymond Pach.
This series has been scanned in entirety.

Series 2: Correspondence, 1883-1980
2.2 linear feet
Box 1-3, 23

This series contains family correspondence and extensive professional letters from noted artists and art world figures including critics, writers, collectors, museums and other art institutions. Scattered letters from Pach can also be found here.
This series is arranged as two subseries.
2.1: Family Correspondence, 1883-1980
2.2. General Correspondence, 1903-1969
This series has been scanned in entirety with the exception of the film reel in 2.1. Use of archival audiovisual recording with no duplicate access copy requires advance notice.

Series 3: Writings, 1899-circa 1950s
2.5 linear feet
Box 3-5

Writings comprise hand-written manuscripts, typescripts, annotated drafts and notes for published and unpublished writings by Pach, including lectures and addresses, books, and journal and newspaper articles. Also found are school essays and writings, and fragments, memoranda and notes. Of particular note is a bound, 242 page manuscript handwritten with illustrations and photographs which Pach wrote on the subject of aesthetics while at City College of New York.
Writings by others include poems, book chapters, articles and prose by Apollinaire, Baudelaire, Faure, Le Roy, Roualt, Villon and others.
Series is arranged as 2 subseries
3.1: Writings by Pach, 1899-circa 1950s
3.2: Writings by Others, circa 1910-circa 1950s
This series has been scanned in entirety with the exception of duplicates.

Series 4: Diaries and Journals, 1903-circa 1950s
5 folders
Box 5

Of particular note is a travel diary, dated 1903-1904, recording Pach's trips to Europe with William Merritt Chase's class. The entries include reflections on life abroad, fellow classmates Morton Livingston Schamberg and Charles Sheeler, Pach's early interest in Japonisme and active collecting of Japanese art, including prints by master
artists Hokusai and Hiroshige, and the purchase in Holland of a Manga book (an artist's instructional manual) by Hokusai.
Also included here is a folder of addresses recording Pach's contacts in Mexico in 1942-1943 and an address book with journal entries made during a UNESCO Congress of Critics in Paris, circa 1948.
A "Shelley Birthday Book" notes birthdays of Pach family members and friends.
This series has been scanned in entirety.

Series 5: Business Records, circa 1913-circa 1960s
0.3 linear feet
Box 5-6

Of particular note in this series are two record books: one in which Pach recorded sales for the Armory Show, New York beginning February 18th and ending March 15, 1913, listing the person purchasing each picture and the amount paid, and "signed off" with the inscription "OK" and the initials "JM," presumably Jerome Myers; the second in which Pach recorded sales for the Armory Show in Boston and Chicago beginning March 23 and ending April 30, 1913, also signed off by "JM."
Other items of note include an "agenda" book from 1930-1932 which contains lists of paintings owned and sold by Pach in addition to what appears to be an inventory of his belongings, including contents of the Pach apartment; and two record books containing a "record of pictures, writings and lectures," notes on "pictures sold, exchanged or presented," and a list of "places where I have lectured." The books cover the years 1903-1950s.
One folder contains consignment lists for Pach's paintings and etchings at Kraushaar Galleries and E. Weyhe in 1934.
A record book belonging to Nikifora Pach contains notes on loans and sales of pictures in the late 1950s, in addition to enclosures documenting loan and consignment transactions with Zabriskie Gallery, the Museum of Modern Art, and others in the early 1960s. Also found is a photocopy of a list of paintings belonging to Pach and given to Nikifora Pach in the 1950s.
Folders are arranged alphabetically by title.
The bulk of this series has been scanned. Routine personal business records including life and medical insurance records, property and tax records and financial and legal papers relating to Raymond Pach, have not been scanned.

Series 6: Printed Material, circa 1900-1977
1.3 linear feet
Box 6-7, 9

Printed material relating to Pach and others, includes rare exhibition announcements and catalogs such as a 1913 Boston Armory Show catalog annotated with prices, printed articles by Pach and about him including book reviews of his work, reproductions of artwork including postcards from the 1913 Armory Show, news clippings and miscellany.
This series is arranged as two subseries.
6.1: Pach Printed Material, 1907-1959
6.2: Other Printed Material, circa 1900-1977
The bulk of this series has been scanned with the exception of duplicates and the complete texts of some publications for which only the cover and relevant pages have been scanned.

Series 7: Scrapbooks, circa 1890-circa 1940s
0.4 linear feet
Box 7, 9

Scrapbooks include a dismantled scrapbook of reviews and original letters relating to Pach's book
Ananias or the False Artist
, published in 1928. Also housed here is a scrapbook primarily documenting Pach's activities during the 1920s which included his first one-man show at the Brummer Gallery in New York City and the publication of his books
Masters of Modern Art
Raymond Duchamp-Villon
. The scrapbook contains news clippings with press reviews of Pach's work.
A scrapbook of musical and theatrical events and programs includes a program for a 1917 Neighorhood Playhouse production of a Wallace Stevens's play,
Bowl, Cat and Broomstick
, for which Pach designed the sets. Also found is a guestbook from an unidentified event.
This series has been scanned in entirety.

Series 8: Artwork, circa 1860-circa 1950s
0.4 linear feet
Box 7, 10

This series consists of a small group of loose drawings and three early sketchbooks by Pach, plus several drawings by unidentified artists. Also included are two print portfolios published in 1947 by the Laurel Gallery, New York City; one includes an essay by Pach and the other an etching by Pach. These portfolios include hand-pulled prints by artists such as Milton Avery, Reginald Marsh, and Joan Miro.
This series has been scanned in entirety.

Series 9: Photographs, 1857-1959
1.4 linear feet
Box 7-8, 10

This series includes photographs of Pach, his family, and artists/friends, as well as group pictures of William Merritt Chase's class, Robert Henri's class at the New York School of Art, circa 1904, and others. There are also photographs of works of art by Pach and others. Of special interest is a group of photographs of mural projects in Mexico by José Clemente Orozco and Diego Rivera.
The series is arranged as 2 subseries.
9.1: Photographs of People and Places, 1857-1959
9.2: Photographs of Artwork, circa 1907-circa 1950s
This series has been scanned in entirety.

Series 10: Selections from Walter Pach's Library, 1880-1963
12 linear feet
Box 11-22

This series houses selected publications from Walter Pach's libary and include books or publications annotated by him, and written or translated by him. Also found here are items considered to be central to Pach's interests and work.
10.1: Works Written by Walter Pach, 1901-1956
10.2: Works Translated by Walter Pach, 1918-1950
10.3: Selected Publications, 1880-1963
This series is arranged as 3 subseries. Catalogs that appear in this series appear under museum, gallery, or auction house name, unless an individual is cited as author.
This series has not been scanned.

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