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Tirca Karlis Gallery records, circa 1920-1980

Historical Note

The Tirca Karlis Gallery (est. 1958) was a commercial art gallery in Provincetown, Massachusetts.
Tirca Karlis (b. early 1900s-1974) was born in Russia and immigrated to New York in 1930 with her husband Karlis (Charles) Cohen. Having studied dance at the Palucca School of Dance in Dresden, Germany, Karlis began her life in New York teaching dance and holding dance recitals. Her involvement in the arts community allowed Karlis to become acquainted with artists in New York whose art she began collecting. In 1953, Karlis opened her first small gallery in New York. She subsequently opened a summer gallery in Westport, Connecticut, before opening the Provincetown gallery in 1958.
Karlis maintained close relationships with many of the artists the gallery represented including Milton Avery, Raphael Soyer, Robert Goodnough, Leo Manso, George Grosz, David Burliuk, Hugo Robus, and Edward Giobbi.
Karlis died in 1974. Her husband and son, Aaron Cohen, operated the gallery into the early 1980s.