The Mystery of Ad Reinhardt, Barnett Newman, William Congdon, Betty Parsons, and others, circa 1960

A group of people posing for a photo, gathered around a table at a formal occasion
Ad Reinhardt, Barnett Newman, William Congdon, Betty Parsons, and others, circa 1960. Photographer unknown. Betty Parsons Gallery records and personal papers.

What: This group of artists and artistic figures gathers for a formal occasion.

Where: unknown (the walls may help identify this)

When: circa 1960

Who: (L to R) back row: unidentified man; middle row: Ad Reinhart, Barnett Newman, Annalee Newman, William Congdon, unidentified woman, Betty Parsons, unidentified man; front row: unidentified man, unidentified woman

Help us solve the mystery:

1. Who is the man in the back looking off to the side?

2. Who are the woman (left) and the man (right) on each side of Betty Parsons?

3. Who are the man and the woman sitting in the front? Their seated position indicates they may have been guests of honor at this gathering.  Is the woman Mary Lou Williams?

4. Where was this photo taken? Could it be at a jazz club, perhaps the Five Spot on St. Mark’s Place?

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