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Susan Metcalfe and Pablo Casals letter collection, 1915-1918

Moore, George P.

Collector, Educator, Musician

Collection Information

Size: 0.2 linear feet.

Summary: The letter collection of soprano Susan Metcalfe and cellist Pablo Casals, collected by George Moore, contains 53 items and dates from 1915 to 1918. The collection consists primarily of letters from Susan Metcalfe Casals to her husband, Spanish cellist, Pablo Casals. Metcalfe wrote from New Rochelle, New York, New York City, and Stockbridge, Massachusetts., to Casals in New York, London, Spain, and other locales. The letters reflect the tempestuous nature of their marriage. Also included are drafts of three letters from Casals to Metcalfe; three from Metcalfe's mother and brother to Casals mother, Pilar, chastising Casals on his behavior toward his wife; and one letter from Lydia Field Emmet to Casals.

Biographical/Historical Note

Susan Metcalfe Casals (1878-1959), mezzo-soprano, was the first wife of the renowned Spanish cellist, Pablo Casals (1876-1973). They married in 1914 and divorced in 1957. The couple often socialized with Lydia Field Emmet in New York and with her sister Jane de Glehn in England. Metcalfe shared a property with Lydia at "Strawberry Cottage" in Stockbridge, Mass.


The Susan Metcalfe and Pablo Casals letter collection was purchased by George P. Moore, a cellist and music professor at the University of Southern California in 1982 and donated to the Archives of American Art in 1996. Moore continued to delve further into Casals' life and his associations with Lydia Field Emmet and the Emmet family.

Language Note

Most of the letters are in French.