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Society of Arts and Crafts records, 1899-1960

Historical Note

Founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1897, the Society of Arts and Crafts was formed to develop and encourage higher artistic standards in handicrafts. The organization is still active.
When formed, the Society of Arts and Crafts became the first national craft organization in the United States. According to their website, the missions of the Society of Arts and Crafts are to encourage the creation, collection, and promotion of the work of contemporary craft artists and to advance public appreciation of fine craft. The society has had many respected individual directors including Frederic Allen Whiting and Humphery J. Emery. Since its founding, the Society of Arts and Crafts has held special exhibits showing ancient and modern craft; established a sales room and permanent exhibition space voted on by a jury with advice and criticism; and held meetings educational programming for members and the community.