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Selected art related documents from the Ferdinand Julius Dreer Collection, [ca. 1770-1910]

Dreer, Ferdinand J. (Ferdinand Julius), 1812-1902

Antiquarian, Collector


Collection Information

Size: 3 Reels, ca. 300 items (on 3 partial microfilm reels)

Summary: Primarily letters from the Dreer collection's autograph sections for painters and engravers (ca. 150 letters of 129 artists), and architects and sculptors (ca. 45 letters of 36 artists). Ca. 50 letters selected from other autograph categories are also included, among them soldiers of the Revolution, American lawyers, inventors, scientists, American prose writers, American poets, British prose writers, philanthropists, and famous merchants. Twenty-six of the letters are to F.J. Dreer; other frequent recipients include Robert Gilmor, J.A. McAllister, Arthur Stedman, and Edmund C. Stedman.
Artists in the painters and engravers section include: Edwin Austin Abbey, Washington Allston, Alexander Anderson, Henry Bacon, William Holbrook Beard, Albert Bierstadt, William Birch, Edwin Blashfield, George Boughton, Frederic Bridgeman, George Loring Brown, John G. Brown, George Catlin, James Champney, John Gadsby Chapman, John Cheney, George Chinnary, Frederic Edwin Church, Lewis Peter Clover, Thomas Cole, Clarence C. Cook, John Singleton Copley, Joseph S. Cowell Jr., Palmer Cox, Jasper Cropsey, Thomas S. Cummings, Moseley Isaac Danford, Felix O.C. Darley, Homer C. Davenport, H. P. Delafield, Joseph Delaplaine, Thomas Doughty, William Dunlap, Asher Durand, Jacob Eichholtz, Stephen J. Ferris, Robert Field, Jno. P. Frankenstein, Charles Fraser, Moritz Furst, Charles Dana Gibson, William H. Gibson, R. Swain Gifford,
Sanford Robinson Gifford, Herbert Gilchrist, Eliza Greatorex, Valentine Green, Anne Hall, James Hamilton, Chester Harding, George P.A. Healy, James Herring, Thomas Hovenden, William Humphreys, D. Hunt, Henry Inman, James ? Jarvis, John Wesley Jarvis, Nathaniel Jocelynn, E. Johnson, Matthew Harris Jouett, John F. Kensett, Charles B. King, Daniel Ridgeway Knight, John Lewis Krimmel, John LaFarge, James Reid Lambdin, William S. Leney, Charles R. Leslie, Emanuel Leutze, William J. Linton, James Barton Longacre, Will Hicok Low, Sidney S. Lyon, Jervis McEntee, Alfred Jacob Miller, Francis Davis Millet, Edward Moran, Samuel F.B. Morse, John L. Morton, Wm. S. Mouet, John Neagle, Alfred Newsam, Gilbert S. Newton, Samuel S. Osgood, William Page, George Parker, Charles Willson Peale, Rembrandt Peale,
Rubens Peale, Titian Ramsey Peale, George D. M Peixotto, John Rito Penniman, Edward Peticolas, Robert Edge Pine, Howard Potter, William H. Powell, Howard Pyle, Thomas Buchannan Read, Hugh Reinagle, Frederick DeBourg Richards, Thomas Addison Richards, William T. Richards, Alexander Robertson, Thomas P. Rossiter, Peter Rothermel, John Sartain, Stephen A. Schoff, Walter Shirlaw, E. Simmons, James Smillie, John Smibert, Russell Smith, William Sonntag, D. Strotter, Jane Stuart, Thomas Sully, Philip Tilyard, Benjamin Trott, John Trumbull, John Vanderlyn, C. E. Wagstaff, S.L. Walso, Wm. G. Wall, Robert Weir, Thomas B. Welsh, Adolph Wertmuller, and Benjamin West.
Letters in the architects and sculptors section are by Charles Akers, Frederic A. Bartholdi, E. Bartholomew, Gutzon Borglum, Solon Borglum, H. Brown, ? Casusui, ? Cerruchi, Alban J. Conant, T. Crawford, Elliot Daingerfield, Alexander Jackson Davis, Edwin Willard Deming, Daniel Chester French, Horatio Greenough, John Haviland, Harriet Hosmer, Robert Ball Hughes, Benjamin Latrobe, Larkin Mead, Wm. R. O'Donovan, Erastus Palmer, Luigi Persico, Ferdinand Pettrich, Hiram Powers, John Rogers, Randolph Rogers, William Rush, Augustus St. Gaudens, William W. Story, Wm. Strickland, John Struthers, Wm. Thornton, John Quincy Adams Ward, John Ferguson Weir, and Benjamin West.
Other sections include one or more letters from Trumbull, Gilbert Stuart, Charles Willson Peale, John J. Audubon, Victor Audubon, Benjamin West and Thomas Sully.


Lent for microfilming 1955 by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

Language Note

English .

Location of Originals

  • Originals in: Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Ferdinand Julius Dreer Collection.

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Alternative Forms Available

35mm microfilm reels P20 (fr.388-601, 606-608, 638, 710-740); P21 (fr. 1-42); and P29 (fr. 1-2) available for use at Archives of American Art offices and through interlibrary loan.

Restrictions on Access

The Archives of American art does not own the original papers. Use is limited to the microfilm copy.

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Selected art related documents from the Ferdinand Julius Dreer Collection, [ca. 1770-1910]. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.