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Sears Gallagher papers, circa 1882-2010

Biographical Note

Sears Gallagher (1869-1955) was a draftsman, printmaker, and illustrator born in Boston. After displaying considerable artistic talent in drawing as a child, Gallagher went on to study with the Italian-born Boston-based painter Tommaso Juglaris (1844–1925) from 1887 to 1889. Shortly after marrying Charlotte Dodge in 1895 the couple embarked for Paris where Gallagher pursued further artistic training at the Academie Julian. Gallagher's style evolved with an influence of the French Impressionists, and two of his watercolors were featured in the 1896 Paris Salon. Sears Gallagher achieved considerable popular success thanks to the sales and publishing of his prints, and he exhibited regularly in Boston with occasional shows in New York City until the 1940s. Gallagher was a founder of the Monhegan art colony in Maine, which is the setting of many of his popular works.