Articulated: Dispatches from the Archives of American Art

A new monthly podcast series that illuminates under-represented voices within the Archives' Oral History Program. 

Articulated: Dispatches from the Archives of American Art is a new podcast series showcasing one of the oldest, largest, and most respected oral history collections in the world. The series launches on August 26, 2021 and explores the great diversity of the American art scene, as well as important moments throughout history with insightful commentary from leading scholars, curators, and art world figures. Co-produced by Ben Gillespie, the Arlene and Robert Kogod Secretarial Scholar for Oral History, and Michelle Herman, Head of Digital Experience, the series features firsthand accounts from artists, dealers, writers, and other key figures whose expansive and often surprising memories challenge us to see the world in new and unimagined ways.

Articulated is supported by the Alice L. Walton Foundation.

Music for Articulated comes from "Sound and Smoke," composed by Viet Cuong and performed by the Peabody Wind Ensemble with Harlan Parker conducting.

  • Oral history provides a medium by which we can share our voices and stories. The Archives of American Art has one of the oldest collections of oral histories in the United States, and the largest related to the visual arts. In this episode, we reflect on how oral history enriches our understanding of art and the people who create it. 
  • Oral History Interviews Featured Neda Al-Hilali, 2006 July 18-19  Joyce Marquess Carey, 2002 June 16  Katherine Kalehuapuakeaula "Lehua" Domingo, 2010 April 24-25 
  • Digital art has surged in recent years, but its current flash builds on decades of innovation in computing, video, and other technologies in which women played a central role. In this episode, we focus on the overlooked history of women who pioneered the new media art genre and discuss issues of visibility and representation surrounding technology.
  • Listen to the members of fierce pussy describe their approach to direct action, lesbian visibility, and allyship along the arc of their careers and collaborations. This episode delves into questions of queer community and representation, particularly the ways in which art can knit people together across time. 
  • What makes an activist group, how do they come together, and how are they most effective? This episode traces the rise and impact of ACT UP, or the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power, how it grew from other queer activist groups while engendering more, and how its influence remains with us today.