MYSTERY SOLVED: The Mystery of Walt Kuhn and an Unidentified Man in Europe, 1925

Sepia photograph of two men, both wearing formal coats and holding smoking pipes close to their chest. Kuhn, right, is slightly taller and thinner, and the unidentified man, left, has a mustache. They are standing outside in front of a house with a tree in the background.
Walt Kuhn and an unidentified man in Europe, 1925. Photographer unknown. Walt Kuhn family papers and Armory Show Records.

The Mystery: 

Where: Europe (which country?)

When: 1925

Who: Walt Kuhn (right), unidentified man (left)

Help us solve the mystery: Who is the unidentified man? And where exactly in Europe was this photo taken?

The Solution:

The Mystery of Walt Kuhn and John Quinn (?) in Europe, 1925

Where: Europe, likely the United Kingdom, based on the pebbledash finish on the building. This finish is indicative of the British isles, and the style of the suits worn by the two men appears to be English.

When: 1925

Who: Walt Kuhn (right) and John Quinn (left). Walt Kuhn and John Quinn were co-founders of the Armory Show.

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