MYSTERY SOLVED: The Mystery of Max Weber, Aristide Maillol, and an unidentified man, 1942

Sepia photograph of three men standing side-by-side. The photograph shows them down to their knees. They are standing outside in formal wear, and the edges of the photograph are yellowed and tattered. Part of the left side of the photo is missing. The three men are Max Weber (left), unidentified man (center), and Aristride Maillol (right). Maillol is wearing a lighter-colored suit and a hat. The photo is torn so part of the left side is missing and the edges are tattered.
Max Weber, Aristide Maillol, and Eugène Rudier, 1942. Photographer unknown. Miscellaneous photographs collection.


The Mystery:

Where: Unknown

When: 1942

Who: Max Weber (left), unidentified man (center), and Aristride Maillol (right)

Help us solve the mystery: Who is the man in the center? Where was this taken?

About the People Present:

Max Weber (1881-1961) was a Jewish American painter and sculptor in New York City. He is known for introducing Cubism to the U.S. after studying in Europe, and later he shifted towards a more figurative style addressing Jewish themes in his art. He studied at the Pratt Institute in N.Y. and the Academie Julien in Paris.

Aristide Maillol (1861-1944) was a French sculptor, painter, and printmaker. He was heavily influenced by Paul Gauguin, and pursued decorative art and tapestry design before exploring sculpture. Many of Maillol's sculptures are of the female body and influenced by classical forms. He was also commissioned for numerous war memorials.

The Solution:

The man in the center, previously unidentified is Eugène Rudier. Rudier was a bronze castor and owner of his father's business the Fonderie Rudier. Rudier and his foundry cast sculptures for artists including Auguste Rodin and Aristide Maillol, who is featured with him in this photograph.  

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