MYSTERY SOLVED: The Mystery of John Storrs and unidentified woman, circa 1906

A man and a woman sit on a bed, leaning against the wall in front of floral wallpaper. The man (R) is looking at the woman (L) and is smoking a pipe.
John Storrs and unidentified woman, circa 1906. Photographer unknown. John Henry Bradley Storrs papers.

The Mystery:

What: A woman and a man lounging with each other

When: circa 1906

Who: John Storrs (right) and unidentified woman (left)

Help us solve the mystery: Who is the woman lounging with John Storrs? Hint: We think it could be Roxie S. Stinson. Could anyone confirm this?

The Solution:

John Storrs and Grace [no last name found], circa 1906.

What: A woman and a man lounging with each other, smoking

When: circa 1906

Who: John Storrs (right) and his girlfriend at the time, Grace (left)

Several photos of this same woman appear in a photo album and some loose photos in the John Storrs papers, dating around 1905-1906, but no photos of her in later years. On one of the photographs is a handwritten message reading “Toujours a vous. Grace. 1906,” [translation: Always yours, Grace, 1906] and en verso it reads “girl friend of JS.”

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