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Museum of Craft and Folk Art records, circa 1970-2012

Museum of Craft and Folk Art

Collection Information

Size: 28.9 linear feet

Summary: The Museum of Craft and Folk Art records measure 28.9 linear feet and date from 1970 to 2012. The museum was established in 1982 in San Francisco, California and exhibited local and national craft and folk art collections until it closed in 2012. The collection includes administration records, extensive exhibition files, artists' files, museum publications, printed material, video recordings, born digital items, and photographic material.
Administration records include museum bylaws, lists of early exhibitions, education program evaluations, documents related to public programs, and printed materials.
Exhibition files comprise the largest group of materials in the collection. Notable exhibitions documented include "Who'd A Thought It: Improvisation in African-American Quiltmaking" (1987-1988), "MetalSpeaks: The Unexpected" (1997), and "Warren MacKenzie: Legacy of an American Potter" (2009). There are also video recordings and born digital content scattered throughout the series. Though most of the material is related to the MOCFA exhibitions, there are a few files on exhibitions at other galleries and museums. The exhibition files contain a wide variety of correspondence, art inventories, price lists, printed materials, guest registers, and photographic materials, video recordings, electronic discs, videodiscs, and floppy discs. Artists' files are found for a handful of artists, including Bennett Bean, Ralph Fasanella, Bill Graham, Ron Kovatch, Mike Moran, and Salvador V. Ricalde. The files contain primarily video recordings of artist performances and interviews, but also include resumes and inquiries.
Museum of Craft and Folk Art publications consist of exhibition catalogs, newsletters, reports, and announcements. There are several video recordings of events, such as fashion shows, that were held at the museum.
Printed materials and commercial video recordings include an oversize scrapbook, binders of exhibition press clippings, and folders of clippings on various topics, as well as documentaries and news coverage of the museum.
Photographic materials consist of slides, negatives, photographs, transparencies, and a photo album. The images are of artwork, exhibition installations, events, artists, and museum offices and staff.

Biographical/Historical Note

The Museum of Craft and Folk Art (established 1982; closed 2012) was established in San Francisco, California by painter and sculptor Gertrud Parker in 1982.


The Museum of Craft and Folk Art records were donated by Jennifer McCabe, former executive director of the museum, in 2014.