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Joellen Bard's, Ruth Fortel's, and Helen Thomas' exhibition records of "Tenth Street Days: the Co-ops of the 50s,", 1953-1977

Biographical Note

Tenth Street between Third and Fourth Avenues, was an artist community that was home to many of the first generation Abstract Expressionists. The neighborhood was also home to The Club and the Cedar Tavern. After 1953, many of younger artists--the second and third generations of Abstract Expressionists--came to live and work near Tenth Street. They organized and ran a number of cooperative galleries that became an important focus and provided much needed exhibition opportunities for the large number of young artists lured to New York City in the late 1950s and early 1960s.
Researched and organized by painter and art instructor Joellen Bard, Ruth Fortel and Helen Thomas in co-operation with the Association of Artist-Run Galleries and Pleiades Gallery, Tenth Street Days: The Co-ops of the 50s, was held at Amos Eno Gallery, 14 Sculptors Gallery, Noho Galley, Pleiades Galley, and Ward-Nasse Gallery, December 20, 1977 through January 7, 1978. A corollary exhibition, Tenth Street in 1977, was shown at Landmark Gallery, Inc., December 20, 1977 through January 8, 1978. An expanded version of the exhibition was circulated by The Gallery Association of New York State.