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With new eyes: Toward an Asian American art history on the West Coast, 1995 October 21


Collection Information

Size: Transcript: 58 pages

Format: Originally recorded on 3 sound cassettes. Duration is 5 hrs.

Summary: Session I: The Artists' and Family's Perspective: Looking Toward the 21st Century, moderated by Dr. Paul J. Karlstrom. Panelists include Kimi Kodani Hill, Chiura Obata's granddaughter and Obata family historian; Li-lan, Yun Gee's daughter and artist; Mayumi Tsutakawa, daughter of George Tsutakawa and curator/writer; and Carlos Villa, Leo Valledor's cousin and artist.
Session II: Issues in Interpreting, Documenting and Presenting Asian American Art was moderated by Vas Prabhu; panelists include Bert Winther- Tamaki, Karin Higa, Elaine Kim, and Dennis Reed.

Biographical/Historical Note

A symposium co-sponsored by the Archives of American Art, The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, and San Francisco State University.

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