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Horace Pippin notebooks and letters, circa 1920

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: Handwritten and Illustrated Notebook entitled, "Horace Pippin's Autobiography, First World War", (illustrated), circa 1920s

Pippin recounts his World War I experiences in detail from the time he left the United States on November 17th, 1917 with the 15th N.Y. Infantry for France. Pippin writes of life in the trenches and dug-outs, night forays and traveling through enemy territory, details of days and nights of battles and getting shelled, gassed, and machine gun fire by the Germans, and his perceptions of fighting alongside French and Algerian soldiers. He also recounts the details of getting shot in the shoulder and right arm, lying in the trench too weak to get up, having a French soldier get shot and fall upon him dead and not being able to move out from under the dead man, getting some bread and water from the dead body, and finally being rescued and moved around in the field until being loaded onto an ambulance and taken to one hospital and being transferred to another one.
Illustrated with six pencil and crayon drawings of marching and battle scenes.