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Glen Lukens papers, 1920-1983

Biographical Note

Glen Lukens (1887-1967) was a ceramicist, educator, and writer active in Southern California. He taught at the University of Southern California where he founded the school's ceramics department and later established the ceramics industry in Haiti.
Glen Lukens was born in Missouri and attended the Oregon State Agricultural School where he was introduced to ceramics. He proved to be an innovator and created a blue glaze made out of metals he found in the Mojave desert. Lukens was active with a group of studio ceramicists, including Beatrice Wood, who elevated the artform through writing, innovation, and teaching. Lukens created simple pottery with bold color and glazing techniques. He spent much of his career teaching ceramics at the University of Southern California but also worked with glass and created jewelry.
In the 1940s, Lukens traveled to Haiti to teach ceramics and establish an industry for the creation of pottery on the island. Lukens was focused on teaching Haitians to use sanitary clay vessels for food rather than gourds. He formed friendships with many of his students and encouraged their further study of ceramics in the United States.
Glen Lukens died in Los Angeles in 1967.