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George Gurney interviews with sculptors, 1977-1978

George Gurney interviews with sculptors, 1977-1978

Gurney, George

Curator, Art historian

Collection Information

Size: 27 sound cassettes + transcripts

Summary: Twenty-one interviews conducted by George Gurney with sculptors and related professionals as part of the research for the exhibition, "Sculpture and the Federal Triangle," held at the National Museum of American Art, October 26, 1979 through January 6, 1980. Interviewees include Edmond R. Amateis, Theodore Barbarossa, Gaetano Cecere, Cesare Contini, Janet De Coux, Donald De Lue, Chaim Gross, Walker Hancock, Benjamin Franklin Hawkins, Carl Paul Jennewein, Joseph Kiselewski, Jerri Knauth, Michael Lantz, Thomas Lo Medico, Bruno Mankowski, Berta Margoulies, William McVey, David Rubins, Paul Rudin, Heinz Warneke, and Robert A. Weinman.

Biographical/Historical Note

Art historian and curator; Washington, D.C.


No tapes were made for interviews with Joseph Kiselewski, Bruno Mankowski, and David Kresz Rubins. Questionnaires completed by them exist.

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