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Frank K.M. Rehn Galleries records, 1858-1969, bulk 1919-1968

Contents and Arrangement

Series 1: Correspondence is arranged alphabetically and Series 3: Scrapbooks is in rough chronological order. Series 2, and 4-6 are arranged in categories, as indicated in the Series Descriptions/Container Listing. Unless otherwise noted, items within each folder are arranged chronologically.

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Series 1: Correspondence, A-Z, 1858-1969, undated
(Boxes 1-15; 14.4 linear feet; Reels 5849-5869)

Correspondence, both business and personal, consists mainly of incoming letters with a smaller number of carbon copies or handwritten drafts of replies. Business correspondence is with artists, museums and arts organizations, collectors, colleagues, and others. Small amounts of the personal correspondence of Frank Rehn and John Clancy are scattered throughout this series. Also included are a few stray personal papers of individual artists that may have been enclosed with other correspondence or loans that the gallery never returned. Greeting cards (except for a few with original artwork that are with Series 5), printed enclosures, and a small number of photographs specifically relating to the contents of letters are filed here, as well. Also present are loose receipts for painting deliveries (two bound volumes of similar receipts are with Series 2) and receipts for art purchased by the gallery.
Names listed under folder headings may not represent a comprehensive list of folder contents.

Series 2: Financial Records, 1919-1968, undated
(Boxes 15-17; 2.6 linear feet; Reel 5869)

Of particular interest are monthly insurance schedules indicating painting titles and values, and specifying additions and deletions from the previous month. The remaining insurance records have not been microfilmed.
Investment records, filed by names of investment firms, relate to numerous personal and business accounts, including estates of Rehn family members.
Miscellaneous financial records include a file relating to the estate of Frank Rehn's first wife, Peggy W. Rehn, and gallery inventories. Two volumes of receipts record incoming paintings; similar loose receipts are with Series 1. Paid bills are for routine business expenses and some personal expenses; the art-related purchases documented here are framing and painting conservation. Receipts for paintings bought by the gallery are with Series 1.
This series is arranged into 6 subseries:
2.1: Banking, 1920-1968
2.2: Insurance, 1920-1968
2.3: Investments, 1919-1968, undated
2.4: Taxes, 1916-1964, undated
2.5: Miscellaneous Financial Records, 1937-1951, undated
2.6: Paid Bills, 1919-1969

Series 3: Scrapbooks, 1919-1940
(Boxes 23-24; 0.6 linear feet; Reels 5869-5870)

This series contains five volumes documenting the activities of Rehn Galleries and its associated artists, 1919, 1923-1941, that contain clippings and a small number of exhibition catalogs. An autographed photograph of Walter Griffin is in volume 1. Items on former reel NY59/17 (frames 165-293) were missing from volume 1 when inspected in October 1981. This material was thought to have been returned to the donor after microfilming, and reader-printer copies were inserted as substitutes in 1981. In 2003, these items were found and are now interfiled with the appropriate series (correspondence, printed matter, works of art, and miscellaneous items).

Series 4: Printed Matter, 1882-1969, undated
(Boxes 18-20; 2.5 linear feet; Reels 5870-5872)

Printed matter relating to Rehn Galleries consists of items about the gallery, as well as publications produced by Rehn Galleries. Included are feature articles, exhibition reviews, announcements and catalogs of artists affiliated with the gallery. Also found here are exhibition catalogs, press releases, and invitations produced by the gallery. General, art-related printed matter consists of articles, auction catalogs, advertisements, and publications of various museums, arts organizations, and schools; also included are feature articles, exhibition reviews, announcements, and catalogs of artists not affiliated with Rehn Galleries. Additional printed items concern miscellaneous subjects that are not art-related.
This series is arranged into 3 subseries:
4.1: Rehn Galleries, 1919-1969, undated
4.2: General, Art-Related, 1882-1968, undated
4.3: Miscellaneous Subjects, Not Art-Related, 1910-1967, undated

Series 5: Miscellaneous Records, circa 1920-1968, undated
(Boxes 20-21; 0.7 linear feet; Reel 5872)

Artwork consists of undated painted Christmas cards by Yeffee Kimball and Denny Winters, and a painted greeting card by Warren Chappell sent to Reginald Marsh. Pen and ink drawings, 1925-1927 and undated, are by George Luks, Reginald Marsh, Mahonri Young, and unidentified artists. Other artwork includes a sketchbook and watercolor painting by Reginald Marsh.
Among the writings are a short story, "The Power of Money," probably by Frank K. M. Rehn, poems by Coleman Kamile and unknown, and an unsigned essay titled "An American Collector."

Series 6: Photographs, 1871-1966, undated
(Boxes 22, 24, and OV 25; 1.0 linear feet; Reel 5872)

Photographs of people include both artists represented by Rehn Galleries and several not affiliated with the gallery. A 1945 group portrait of gallery artists includes Alexander Brook, Charles Burchfield, John Carroll, John Clancy, Edward Hopper, Morris Kantor, Peppino Mangravite, Reginald Marsh, Henry Mattson, George Picken, Henry Varnum Poor, Frank K. M. Rehn, Eugene Speicher, Bradley Walker Tomlin, and Franklin C. Watkins. Another group portrait is of the 27th Carnegie International Jury of Award and American Committee of Selection. Noticeably absent are likenesses of Frank K. M. Rehn and John C. Clancy. Photographs of works of art are by Rehn Galleries' artists and others.
Reginald Marsh's photographs consist of family and personal photographs that were either given to Rehn Galleries or perhaps borrowed for research at the time of his memorial exhibition. Views of Marsh from early childhood through old age consist of studio portraits, informal photographs, and publicity shots of Marsh at work; also included are photographs of family and friends, and a small family album, with few individuals identified. Other photographs are of Marsh's childhood drawings executed between ages 4 and 8, and buildings, including two identified as mother's church and father's church.
Miscellaneous subjects are a dog and exhibitions. Exhibition installation views consist of an unidentified exhibition, circa 1923, probably Rehn Galleries, probably at 5 West 50th Street, and two views of the "Rehn Group," possibly at the Carnegie Institute, 1920.
This series is arranged into 4 subseries:
6.1: People, 1917-1966, undated
6.2: Works of Art, circa 1905, 1960-1964, undated
6.3: Reginald Marsh's Photographs, 1871-1952, undated
6.4: Miscellaneous Subjects, circa 1923, 1928, 1950, undated

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