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Contents and Arrangement | A Finding Aid to the Adolph A. Weinman papers, 1890-1959 | Digitized Collection

Adolph A. Weinman papers, 1890-1959

Contents and Arrangement

Most materials have been arranged in chronological order, except for artwork and photographs which are arranged primarily according to subject matter. Glass plate negatives from the Project Files Series and Photographs Series have been removed and housed separately in Boxes 10-13 and are so noted in the Series Description/Container Listing Section at the appropriate folder title. Oversized material from various series has been housed in Box 14 and OV folders 15-22 and are listed with each appropriate series.

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Series 1: Biographical Material, 1890-1950
(Boxes 1, 14, OVs 15, 22; Reel 5884; 4 folders)

Biographical material consists primarily of membership certificates, including those from the National Academy of Design, National Institute of Arts and Letters, Art Commission of the City of New York, Commission of Fine Arts, Lincoln Fellowship of Southern California, and the Mayor's Committee for the Golden Jubilee of The City of New York. Also found are several award certificates and scattered legal documents pertaining to members of Weinman's family.

Series 2: General Correspondence, 1897-1954
(Boxes 1-2, OV 15; Reels 5884-5886; 1.4 linear feet)

Letterpress books of Weinman's outgoing letters and unbound letters exchanged with colleagues and family members. Arranged in chronological order, the letters often refer to miscellaneous projects, but are not organized according to project. Many of the letters in the Letterpress books are written on very thin tissue paper and are barely legible. Additional project-specific correspondence is organized with Project Files.

Series 3: Organization Files, 1916-1952
(Boxes 2-3; Reels 5886-5887; 0.9 linear feet)

Weinman's files documenting his membership in and presidency of the National Sculpture Society and his membership in the National Academy of Design.

Series 4: General Financial and Business Records, 1910-1953
(Box 3; Reel 5887; 3 folders)

A record book listing art work held by dealers and in exhibitions. There are also miscellaneous financial records not directly related to projects; additional financial documentation is located within the Project Files.

Series 5: Notes, 1918-1952
(Box 3; Reel 5887; 14 folders)

A notebook illustrating Weinman's studies in French. Also found are lists of art work, photographs, ideas for art work, as well as notes concerning the National Commission of Fine Arts, and miscellaneous notes.

Series 6: Writings, 1929-1952
(Box 3; Reel 5887; 14 folders)

Speeches and lectures written by Weinman, including "Commemorative Tribute to John Russell Pope," 1937, "Tribute to Anna Hyatt Huntington," 1947, and "Memorial to Charles Keck," 1952. Also included is a typescript by Archibald MacLeish, "The Power of the Spoken Word."

Series 7: Artwork, 1892-1933
(Boxes 3, 14, OVs 16-19; Reels 5887-5888; 0.4 linear feet)

This series consists of annotated sketchbooks and unbound sketches by Weinman. One etching by Emil Fuchs can be found at the end of the series.

Series 8: Project Files, 1896-circa 1955
(Boxes 3-8, 10-14, OVs 15-22; Reels 5888-5891; 6.0 linear feet)

Numerous project files for commissioned work and other sculptures arranged chronologically, with undated ones arranged at the beginning of the series. In some instances the name of the project or work of art has been supplied by the processing archivist based on image/s found in the files; known titles of works of art appear in italics. The majority of the project files contain only photographs, but several also contain a variety of documents related to the project, such as correspondence, contracts, financial records, notes, drawings, printed material, and photographs.
Also found within the series are numerous glass plate negatives housed separately and closed to researchers, most of which have prints in their respective files and are so noted with a See Also reference. Oversized materials are also housed separately and noted with See Also references.

Series 9: Printed Material, 1891-1959
(Box 8, OV 21; Reel 5892; 0.4 linear feet)

Printed material consists of clippings, exhibition catalogs for others, a program, a book, and miscellaneous art-related booklets.

Series 10: Photographs, 1903-1950
(Boxes 9, 13, OV 21; Reel 5892; 0.2 linear feet)

Photographs of Weinman, his colleagues, his residence, and miscellaneous locations not directly related to specific projects. Photographs of Weinman with colleagues include Charles Keck and Charles Niehaus as well as views of Philip Martiny's studio, Charles Niehaus's studio, and the Roman Bronze Works. Photographs of Weinman's Forest Hills Residence/Studio include photos of a map to that location. Glass plates are housed separately and closed to researchers.

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