Jervis McEntee Diaries: October 28, 1888

Sunday, Oct 28, 1888 Cloudy and dark all day and about 3 oclock violent rain which continued until evening when it cleared. We had Girard and Mary and the children to dinner at 3 oclock. They went home about 6. I have had a depressed and discouraged feeling this evening. Whenever I think of our uncertain position here I cannot help discouragement. At 60 we should not be troubled about the means for the support of the few years remaining. In reading Anna Karenina I was struck with Dollys reflection on her way to the Country place to visit Anna. She saw her prospects for the future failing and gave expression to her thoughts [?] simple but sincere expression. I cant help feeling however that with my poor judgment I have done the best I was capable of. That is some comfort but it does not blot out all anxieties.

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