Jervis McEntee Diaries

Monday, Mar 26, 1888 It snowed in the night. Have been painting all day. Mr. Clarke called and looked at some of my Western studies. Says a Mr. Halsted wants a large picture of mine and asked about my Academy picture, also wanted to know if I would sell the "Clouds". I told him I had never cared to sell it, that I painted it for myself. Then he asked if I could not sell it if I got a good price for it. I said I presumed I would sell it if I were well paid for it. I think he wants something from me. Bowyer and I went to the Star Theatre to see the Boston Specialty Co. a part of it was entertaining but there was a great preponderance of vulgarity and coarseness. I thought of the Shade of Irving looking upon this stage that he and Ellen Terry have just left.

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