Jervis McEntee Diaries: December 31, 1884

Wednesday, Dec 31, 1884 Came to my studio and worked on my picture. Am not going home today. Shattuck came to see my picture. Said he liked it but feared it would not be popular and would have only a local interest. Wood also saw it and liked it as did Hubbard. I have a feeling it needs more cool color--is rather warm for winter. Shall not do much more to it until after I have been home and had another look at it. Dined up at Bishop Putnams with Mr & Mrs. Smith, Mr & Mrs [blank] Mr Tronax and Amy Putnam and a Miss Monroe, Herbert Putnams fiancee. Mrs. Putnam is very charming and the dinner very pleasant. The house is a tiny one. I walked home (from 45th St) a damp sloppy night. The weather has been most dismal all the week. It was so warm in my room that with my stove all shut off I slept with me window open and only a sheet over me most of the night, what little I did sleep, which seemed not much. So ends this troublous year. It leaves me full of anxieties and I fear, with less of courage to face some of the difficulties of life. I grow more and more timid and less inclined to meet people. Want only the society of the closest friends and disinclined to seek any other.

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