Jervis McEntee Diaries

Tuesday, Dec 23, 1884 Went to Johnsons this morning and bought some Xmas presents for the servants here and at home. It seems necessary for me to do this although I can ill afford it. I sent Alice a little Wedgewood sugar bowl which belonged to dear Gertrude and which has stood upon our bureau here in N. Y. until I gave up my bedroom. Have painted on my little picture and improved it. Prof. Youmans called with a Mr. Iles a young man, proprietor of the Windsor hotel in Montreal. He had written a paper on Hotel Keeping which he sent to the Popular Science Monthly but Youmans thought it so good he advised him to offer it to the Century which he did and it was accepted. He seemed a bright man interested in literature and art. Knows Lily McEntee and seemed familiar with my pictures. I had a very pleasant and interesting visit with him. Around at the club this evening and read Haydens [sic] paper on the revival of Mezzotint which interested me. Wrote a short note to Alice. Marion and I go up home tomorrow for Xmas.

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