Jervis McEntee Diaries: December 8, 1884

Monday, Dec 8, 1884 Sara and I went home on Saturday. It rained and we landed at Kingston and rode home in a pouring rain. My father seems to improve a little and when I told him so as I was helping him with his bath, he said he feared he was, and would rather go the other way. Still he was interested in my advice to try to sell our place and said it would be best and wanted me to do what my judgment dictated, as though it were my own, he said. I found there a letter from Joe in which he tells me he is coming on in a week or two to remove Gussies remains to Hillsboro. It gave Mary, Sara and me a great shock, but we will make no objection. His reason is that under the circumstances he could not be buried by her side, the force of which is not apparent. It makes little difference to us where her poor tired body rests but it does seem shocking to disturb her now for she used to say she never could bear the idea of being buried in Hillsboro. Joe is determined to do something to trouble and annoy everyone connected with him. We will avoid all controversy about this matter and not attempt to oppose him. Mary and I came down by the morning train and I have been getting things ready to send up home on Thursday and getting my room in order. I am obliged to send my Franklin up home and get a stove which grieves me, for I will miss my open wood fire. It is not practical now since I have no bed room fire. All my thoughts are about our affairs and I do not feel like painting. I am going to try to sell our place for that would give me some peace and rest and my father is ready and anxious to do it.

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