Jervis McEntee Diaries: November 3, 1884

Monday, Nov 3, 1884 It has been a clear bright day but I do not enjoy the days as I ought to. I painted all forenoon but my picture does not please me. In the afternoon I drove my father out on the Hurley road as far as Mr Smiths. He has been out in the garden and sat out in the sunshine at the back of the house. I see my money fading away and expenses going on and no money coming in and I seem unable to think of nothing else. How often I have suffered in this way, but I never get used to it and I am growing older and have less faith in my power to overcome obstacles. I wish I could learn to be patient. My father seemed more entertained today but he does not like to have us say he is getting better. He says he does not want to get better. He said tonight he was getting more helpless and could hardly get up stairs. It was because he was tired and had been more active today. Tonight there was a Democratic parade. The last one I hope. I should think they would be sick of marching about and yelling themselves hoarse. Tomorrow is election day. I have finally decided to vote for Blaine. My loyalty to the Republican party which represents all that is best in politics has decided me. I dont like Blaine but I dislike Cleveland and his party.

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