Jervis McEntee Diaries: October 25, 1884

Saturday, Oct 25, 1884 It has been cold and windy. We put down the sitting room carpet and got the room in order, put up a coal stove in my fathers room and got a coal stove from my house for the spare room up stairs. I am tired and my hands are sore and stiff. The men finished shingling the carriage house before 5 oclock. Sara went to Nannies to tea. My room is cold as I have not yet started my stove. Returning from my walk yesterday I came through the cemetery. Our pink morning-glory was in bloom among the frost blackened vines on Gussies grave. On Gertrudes a few Nasturtiums still blossomed feebly among the ruins of the frost. On Maurices grave the little flag placed there on decoration day was folded in a tendril of the smitten morning-glory while on my mothers all had perished. I came home sad and despondent.

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