Jervis McEntee Diaries: October 21, 1884

Tuesday, Oct 21, 1884 This has been a "blue and golden day". The Autumn color is at its height and a soft Indian Summer haze has pervaded the landscape. I wish I were in the quiet mood to feel all its loveliness. I went down town this morning and got shingles for the carriage house roof and Tom drew them up. Girard went and saw Griffiths and he said he was ready to pay the Turck mortgage and had been. He then saw Wood, the interest was calculated and at noon he brought up the satisfaction price which my father signed and this evening he brought me Griffiths & Kerrs check for $678.26 so the thing is at last ended. Girard is in money difficulty again and today asked me to endorse his note for $500 which I hesitate to do but shall think of it. I have no right to as I need all my credit for our own purposes. We have had windows and doors open all day and the temperature was like summer. A cold wave and a storm is predicted. My father has been out of doors most of the day and gains steadily. I had a letter from Mary and Sara had one from Janette and Emily. Tonight came a letter from Joe Tomkins reviving the disagreeable business and wanting copies of the two letters he wrote Sara. I shall tell him I consider it unwise and ill timed to stir this matter up again. My father wanted me to write to Mr. Jervis.

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