Jervis McEntee Diaries

Friday, Oct 17, 1884 Sara took my father, Janette and Emily for a ride this morning over to Capt. Andersons, where they stopped a while and home by Eddyville. The wind blew but it was not cold. Tom and Henry finished getting in the corn fodder and put up the upper kitchen stove. I spent hours picking and shelling a few quarts of Lima beans and did the various nameless trivialities of a man of all work. How absurd seems a plan of life which makes a man a slave to these mean but absolutely necessary trifles. Poor Taylor! How he had to work during his last years just to get the means to live. How idle to suppose this discipline is necessary. It is not. I never can do any good work under such conditions and I doubt if any one can. The girls took tea with Mrs. Van Deusen to meet Lieut Chambers of the Navy who was one of the officers of the Greely relief Expedition. Mr & Mrs. Ed. Tomkins called to see my father and he enjoyed their call. I think he is stronger but I cannot hide from myself the fact that it is the beginning of the end.

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