Jervis McEntee Diaries: October 4, 1884

Saturday, Oct 4, 1884 Marion went home to N. Y. this morning. She was to take her cat with her but he disappeared and she was going to wait for the 11 o'clock train but she found him at the last moment and my father drove her up to the station. We were sure she would be too late but she got there in ample time. A hot wind has been blowing from the South, not an agreeable day for me but on the contrary very disquieting. I am worried about our apple crop. Mr. Mason the grocer was here and I made a proposition to him to take all of them. He is to let me know Monday or Tuesday. All these business affairs trouble me and there seem to be a crop of them each day. After dinner Calvert and [I] started to visit a point I have never yet reached on the Vly Mountain above the Wilbur road. We went around by the north of the cemetery and under the rail road to the Mill in Wilbur where we crossed and went up quite a pleasant road and came out upon the hill which we followed a long distance getting pretty glimpses in all directions but the trees interfered with what must be a fine view of the Shawangunks and the creek above Eddyville. It was very warm. Returning we went up the stone road in Jacobs Valley, stopped at the brewery and got some refreshing lager beer and home by Wiltwyck Cemetery and across the fields. Took a bath and changed our clothes for tea and Calvert, Sara, my father and I sat in the parlor and read. Calvert is going home tomorrow and we are to be alone again. We shall miss him very much. There is comparatively little Autumn color for so late in the season and it is as warm as summer tonight. I long for the cool Autumnal days.

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