Jervis McEntee Diaries: August 21, 1884

Thursday, Aug 21, 1884 I came home from the Head of the Rondout today having been absent nine days. When I awoke early this morning it was raining gently, but cleared before I had my breakfast at 6. The man "Yearley" came at 6.30 and we started. I was to give him three dollars to take me to Shokan but I told him if he got me there for the 11 oclock train I would pay for his dinner and a feed for his horses. We reached the cabin at the lake at 8.30 and found the ladies at breakfast to which they invited me but I declined as we were anxious to reach the train. Mrs. Wentworth was still on her picture of the cabin and had her easel set up in the road. She seemed quite disappointed I was going away as she hoped to go sketching with me and hoped I would come out again which I told her I might do later. We drove on and reached Shokan at 10.30 and I found a train coming along at 10.42. I paid Yearley and gave him a dollar extra which seemed to please him and I came on in a few minutes with the train after having mailed a letter Mrs. Wentworth gave me. It was very hot but not so close as it was coming through the gulf. Got to the Junction at 11.30, had my trunk sent down by Winter and walked home. It was very hot. I was not unexpected. Sara and my father were here and Marion, but Mary had gone to New York to meet Laura and Joe and this afternoon a telegram came saying Mary & Laura would come up by the Powell. They have arrived and Laura looks badly to me but Sara says she looks better than she expected. It has been a very hot day with a smoky, stifling atmosphere. I have been putting away my things and getting settled again. What I am to do now I dont know. If I had some plan in view I would feel better. They are glad to have me back again and my sketches seem to be admired and indeed they look better to me here. Joe did not come up and I do not know whether he intends to.

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