Jervis McEntee Diaries: August 17, 1884

Sunday, Aug 17, 1884 A very hot day. I took a walk after breakfast away up on the hills above the house to where there was a look clear up the valley. I was surprised to see how people have settled away up in these hills. There seemed to be clearings all about. These people have plenty of hard work and like people in every condition of life are trying to better their estate. They have their trials no doubt of lack of money and luxuries but they escape many of the worries which luxuries bring. I find myself in the condition of trying to kill time and do not now see that I am going to be able to content myself here a great while. My informal "pests" still cling to me and that discourages me. The people of the neighborhood have come here today and there has been a sunday school over at the church. There was an amusing scene with the dog this afternoon. He goes about with a great clog of wood attached to his neck with a chain, the penalty of chasing sheep. They have put the cat up in a tree and he climbed up after her. He goes after the two obese toads but they are able to protect themselves and do not seem to mind him much. I had a letter from Mrs. Sawyer today from Londonderry Vermont. Freds wife who has a young son is there. Girard also sent me a couple of newspapers. The mail only reaches here by chance and is the first that has come since my arrival.

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