Jervis McEntee Diaries

Thursday, July 10, 1884 I have worried this beautiful day about affairs and wished I could be free to go somewhere and settle down at work. I am afraid the money we are depending upon will be slow in coming as nothing has been said to us yet about the sale of the property. Mrs. Cornell called today and I told her we were ready to sell our house and she seemed to think we were wise in wishing it. I had a talk with my father and explained to him a statement of the monies I have paid out and told him I thought of giving it to each of our family that they might know all about it. I told him I did not want the money nor any interest on it, even if he sold the place, for as long as he had money it was the same as if I had it; I only wanted it understood so that in the settlement of his estate in the future, if I should survive him it would not come as an unexpected claim. Mr. Fuller came up by the W. S. road this afternoon to spend the night with me. Will Kenyon died today. His death was not unexpected from what the paper said last night.

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