Jervis McEntee Diaries: July 7, 1884

Monday, July 7, 1884 It has been a cool delightful day, Mary Gifford thought too cool, but I have enjoyed it. Tom commenced cutting the grass on the hill. I went over to my studio and looked over my sketching materials and feel the wish to get away and at work from Nature. I swept out my outside studio and looked at my camp furniture. A little after 4 I took Mary Gifford up to the W. S. Station to return to Pokeepsie. We were sorry to have her leave and she said she had greatly enjoyed her visit and had been very well all the time. I had a letter from Alice. She is full of trouble and wrote to me for sympathy and advice. The trustees of the College have retired Dr Sawyer as "Dean Emeritus" giving him the rent of the house $450 and $150 yearly. The additional $500 taken from him is just on Georges salary. His salary was cut down last year some $900 and they hoped to retain the balance and to have Georges raised. This has quite discouraged Alice as well it might. It seems most hard and cruel treatment to a man who has always been as faithful as Mr. Sawyer has. I wrote her this evening and advised her to write to Fred and Oscar and awaken them to a sense of their duty to help bear their share of misfortune.

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