Jervis McEntee Diaries: July 5, 1884

Saturday, July 5, 1884 Heavy thunder showers this afternoon. Calvert and I talked with my father about selling the place and what we should ask for it. He seemed to think it an unfavorable time to sell it but said he would not oppose any thing which we thought wise. He does not like to be troubled even with talking about it. I wrote to Hoyt & Co real Estate agents in N. Y. for their terms and also wrote to Joe Tomkins to see what he says about selling the place and to get his ideas as to prices etc. I feel very anxious and unsettled and see so plainly how much more peaceful we would be if we could turn this into money and have a smaller place, but I feel powerless to bring it about. Calvert is going to consult Judge Morrell and has taken the map of the place to have a tracing made. My father thought he would be willing to sell what is marked on that map as our house & grounds proper--that is what lies between Calvert St and the street on the South--Chestnut St and the fence down on the side hill, about 300 ft front for $30,000.

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