Jervis McEntee Diaries: July 4, 1884

Friday, July 4, 1884 Went down to Johns where I saw Fred Norton and his nephew. He wanted me to go out on the 11.25 train to the Binnewater where Julia and her friends were to have a pic nic. John & Nannie were to drive out and they proposed that Calvert and I should come as none of the rest of us could well leave. Downing & Marion went to Esopus Island to a canoe race. Calvert did not care to go to the Binnewater and I went alone arriving there a little after 1. They were all there John, Nannie, Fred & his nephew, Julia[,] Mrs. Scott and five other ladies her pupils from High Falls. It was very pleasant with a cool breeze. We had our lunch and amused ourselves until about five oclock when it began to look like rain. The ladies were started off in the boats and had not fairly got off before it rained hard. Fred had to go ashore with his load as the boat was unmanageable. I who was to ride home with John & Nannie remained at the upper end of the lake went to his assistance. Julia was with him. Presently John came back with his boat in the rain and took them over the lake. They were wet to the skin. I remained and when the rain held up scrambled up the bank and waited for John who soon came and we drove home. I got my feet wet but was not otherwise very wet. I dont think I ever went there that it did not rain. I had a letter from Hiram Romeyn, one from Mrs. Ely on Art Union matters and a bill for my new suit.

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