Jervis McEntee Diaries: July 3, 1884

Thursday, July 3, 1884 Sara and I went to Pokeepsie on the Eagle yesterday. Aunt Charlotte and Ellen went with us and went on to Newburgh. Major Wilkinson met us with a carriage. It was fearfully hot but the trip down the river was most refreshing. Mary Gifford was there and Julia and the two boys. All the rest of the family were away. We came home today on the little boat bringing Mary with us and arrived here about 7. Found Downing and Mary here and Calvert came after we did, so that there is really very little quiet here, as Marion and Downing are going down to Esopus Island tomorrow at 7 to a canoe meet. I always dread the 4th of July and will be glad when it is over. I am worried and troubled and all this noise and confusion are most galling to me. At such times I would like to be far off in some secluded spot.

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