Jervis McEntee Diaries: July 1, 1884

Tuesday, July 1, 1884 Sara and I drove down to Aunt Anns after breakfast and made arrangements to bring Aunt Charlotte and Ellen up to spend the day. Then we went to the strand and did our errands and came up and got them and Cousin Rachel and came home. We left cousin here and took my father in and drove to Kingston leaving him at the barbers while we drove about the town. Then we got him and came home. It was pretty hot but there was a brisk breeze. Aunt Charlotte and Ellen spent the day here and after tea I took them back to Aunt Anns. They are going to Newburgh tomorrow. We are going to Pokeepsie to visit the Wilkinsons and they will go on the Newburgh boat with us. I have been treating my pests today and with success, but I am so disgusted and so [totally?] at sea as to where I could have incurred this infliction.

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