Jervis McEntee Diaries: June 28, 1884

Saturday, June 28, 1884 Awoke with a bad feeling in my head which has continued all day. I am worried and tormented with our affairs. Calvert and I have talked the situation over and he thinks as I do that it is decidedly best to sell if we can. I am only afraid there will be no one to buy, but this feeling of anxiety I grow more and more weary of and I am determined to do all I can to effect a change for I feel that this state of slavery will destroy me. Mrs. Waters & Miss Anna Ludlum called on Mary also Miss Very and Mrs. Hermance. Jane Goetchins and Ellen Barret called. Aunt Charlotte is down at Aunt Anns and when Sara returns we must have them up here. My old worries seem all coming back, hard as I try to defy them. I showed Calvert and Mary a statement of my account and the money I had furnished here in all some $9,500. I wanted them to know and understand it.

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