Jervis McEntee Diaries: June 20, 1884

Friday, June 20, 1884 After breakfast put the pole in the two seated wagon after much hammering and fussing as nothing fitted, put the horses before it finding the pole too short and the traces too long, still I got the two little boys in Girard and Charlie and we drove down town where I got the traces shortened and a new bolt for the whippletree and after some errands we drove out to Leggs Mills after a grist. We went by the brick yards, the river road and crossed over through the woods by the Aunt Katrine road. It was pretty hot but there was a good breeze from the North and the little boys hats flew off very often. Arrived at the mill I took them for a short row on the creek. We returned by the Pine brush road getting home to dinner at which I sat down alone. After dinner I dressed and sat on the front porch. Presently the two little boys came and played in the hammock. Girard looked so cunning and so sturdy I asked him if he would sit still and let me paint him. Of course he said he would and of course he was not still a moment, but I got a little sketch of him which is quite like him. Girard and Mary invited me over to tea with them and the children. I had a letter from Mary this morning regretting she could not have come up but said she and Marion would come Tuesday or Wednesday. I wrote her a short note this evening and a letter to Sara at Westernville.

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