Jervis McEntee Diaries: June 5, 1884

Thursday, June 5, 1884 Went over to the cemetery and trimmed the grass on the graves and dug about the flowers. The morning glories on dear Gussies grave are growing nicely. How strange it seems to write this of her who was with us a few short weeks ago. When I came back I took the horse and wagon and little Girard and I drove over to the Roa-tina where I cut some long slender branches with which to make a wicker frame over Gussies grave for the morning glories. We came home by the old Steep Rocks road and by the Strand where I did some errands. Girard was greatly interested in his ride having seen a goat with a kid and a peacock and I showed [him?] where the water from the Roatina came out under the mountain near the river. When I got home the man had arrived to put up the shades. He put them all up, 43 in number and finished about 7 o'clock too late to go back to town and he stays here tonight. Talking with him on the front piazza this evening I find he is an expert on the banjo and makes them and gives lessons. He seems an interesting man. Has a large family and one son is very ingenious and handy with tools. His name is Ripley and he was born in Saugerties.

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