Jervis McEntee Diaries

Tuesday, June 3, 1884 This Mr. Wells whose death [newspaper clipping attached] is noticed here is the one my Father & Mother and I visited at North Adams shortly after we were married. This morning I went down town and out to Stones and got tomato plants & egg plants which I set out in the garden. Then Cousin Rachel and I puttied the cracks in the floor of the servants room and I stained and oiled it and was pretty tired when it was done. I dressed and went down to the post office but got nothing. It has been much warmer today and this evening Cousin Rachel, my father, Sara and I sat out on the front porch as of old and spoke of those who used to sit there with us but who are gone from our circle. It has been a most lovely moonlight evening. I read Lucys last letter, one from Laura, a very kind letter from Mrs. Magee to Lucy and Sara had a letter from Mary Gifford today also. We keep so busy we do not get lonely or unhappy, my father is well and we are able still to enjoy many blessings.

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