Jervis McEntee Diaries: May 24, 1884

Saturday, May 24, 1884 First thing after breakfast I put the ladder up to the gutters and cleaned them out and put in a lot of new shingles over the places where it leaked last night. The accounts of the storm in the Freeman show it to have been very violent in this vicinity. The German Catholic Church was struck under the hill and also one of the churches in Kingston. After mending the roof I went over to the cemetery and put a number of morning glory plants on Gussies grave. Sara and I put down the carpet in the upper hall and also in the lower hall and carried the furniture into the sitting room. We also took up the carpet in the parlor. We have had a sort of a tramp here for a day or two who proved himself very handy about beating and putting down carpets. He went away this evening. I have done a thousand things today. It has been very hot. Just as I got dressed Dr. Magee called and soon after he went Mr & Mrs. Hasbrouck from High Falls. Cousin Rachel went to N. Y. by the Powell this morning. The Powell commenced her season today. A letter from Kurtz wanting my picture "Shadows of Autumn["] for the Louisville exhibition. A note from Mrs. Elmendorf to whom I wrote when her daughter died. This evening there is a haze and it is cool & pleasant with distant thunder and lightning.

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