Jervis McEntee Diaries

Thursday, May 15, 1884 A beautiful day. The funeral took place at 1 oclock. Calvert and Downing came. Dr Magee spoke feelingly and fittingly. He read the "Home Maker by Mrs. Whitney" another brief poem and a hymn he chose. After the address Mrs. Lefore sang "Still with thee" a hymn by Mrs. Stowe to an air by Mendelssohn. Old Mr. Tomkins was present, his daughter Laura and her husband and Joes cousin and his newphew Calvin. Julia Dillon came from N. Y. Just as the services closed a violent rain squall came up and the burial which was entirely private was delayed an hour. Girard and I, John McEntee, Grant Van Deusen, Will Lawton and Harry Crispell carried her to the cemetery over the same path dear Gertrude and our mother went. These were no strangers at the grave and as Dr Magee had another funeral at that hour there were no services at the burial. Calvert and Downing went back by evening train.

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